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Health expenditure can be reduced upto 70% in developed countries and developing countries if we start using good quality affordable medicines. Medicine Industry is still very unstructured in the country. The Population of the country whether it be poor or rich, are consuming the medicines at different price tags.

Our vision at LIBOC DAVAMART is to bring the medicine industry at a STABLE pricing pattern so that the retailers, as well as the consumers, are not sabotaged by unstructured mechanism as well as they should have a clear understanding of the pricing process.

LIBOC DAVAMART also aims that retailer should also not be harmed by uneven discounting mechanism making the retailer more pricing & profit stable also keeping the consumers happy and satisfied with the good quality medicine at a price where the retailer –consumer EQUILIBRIUM is also maintained.

We don't wish to make it lowest, affecting the businessmen, but we wish to make it affordable and accessible to everyone with an UNBIASED APPROACH.

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