Coronavirus: Difference Between The New And Old COVID-19 strain? 

Coronavirus Difference Between The New And Old COVID-19 Strain 

Just when we were thinking that we have defeated corona and were getting back to our normal lives, a new wave of COVID-19 swept away all hopes of anything normal.

In fact, the new COVID-19 variant is wrecking havoc more than last year.

The infection is 70 times more than the previous wave and the world is yet again falling short on saving innocent lives.

The new COVID-19 variant, the double mutant seems much more different and deadly than the old COVID-19 strain.

Even though we have successfully found the vaccine for this infamous coronavirus, we have access to it in a meager amount.

With only a handful of vaccines in hand, we are still not ready to battle this harbinger of death at the moment.

So, what is this mutant coronavirus and why it is any different from the old COVID-19.

Mutation means being able to replicate oneself or double oneself. This way, a virus can keep on mutating in any numbers and even change their nature.

If a virus can make it’s more than one mutant, it is called a variant.

Virus are generally famed for their capability to mutate themselves. The variants are much capable to have a difference in genomic sequencing.

This feature allows them to attach them to healthy cells in the body and spread infection more easily.

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There are three COVID-19 variants at the present that are considered to be risky and deadly, naming,

B.1.1.7 variant which has emerged from Kent, UK.

B.1.351 variants that has been found in South Africa

B. variant that has been reported from Brazil

A double mutant can be much more deadly and infectious than other variants of coronavirus. One such has been reported in Maharashtra.

This double mutant is said to be an interaction between two other mutations. One of which is a domestic one namely, E484Q.

This has interacted with a US COVID-19 variant named L452R.

The common symptoms of infection from the new COVID-19 variant can cough, fever, impaired sense of smell, Rashes and Body pain.

With this common symptoms of infection in the body, there is another news being circulated that the new variant has got smarter.

It manages to escape small and curable symptoms and effect the immune system in greater way leaving a big impact.

People have complained about muscle pain, distorted vision and other such major problems. In fact, people who tested positive also complain about skin infection, hearing loss and other organ related diseases.

It is still not safe to say whether the double mutant is in any way more dangerous than the UK variant.

Experts are still trying to understand the new virus and its impact on the body and immune system.

SARS-COV-2 virus is considered to be much more infectious than other of its kind.

From the term infectious, we should understand that it can show symptoms at a faster rate and can affect the body equally.

Transmission on the other hand means that it can be easily passed on from an infected person to other healthy person.

The research suggests that mutation may not increase the risk of transmission, the severity might be low. However, proving these researches wrong, some mutants are transmissible at a faster rate.

This means more and more people are being infected and are incurable. This is leading to a surge in death rate.

The new variants seem to be much smarter than expected.

This is because antibodies are not affective on it at all. Natural antibodies that are generated in an infected person do not seem to work on this variant at all.

In fact, new variants like the Kent variant are supposed to increase the risk of reinfection as well.

Elder people above the age of 55 are on the side of higher risk of being infected yet again by the new variant.

The affect and infection potential of the double mutant in India is yet to be researched. There are multiple obstacles in this research because of pre-existing infection and other minor health issues in people.

People who have weak immunity or are already suffering from some kind of disease are also at great risk of being infected and reinfected by this variant.

The present vaccines are also not much efficient in their work against the new variants.

Some people are still tested positive even after receiving vaccination and the new mutant has a lot to do with this case.

The new variants are strong and no antibodies or vaccination seem to work on them.

However, this is the case with only few variants. Many vaccinations are working on some old variants and people are recovering as well.

People who have weak immunity or have not received both the doses of the vaccinations are at risk of being infected by the variants.

It is still significant to maintain social distancing and wear the mask everywhere you go.

Be cautious of your surrounding and sanitize well.

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