Drug abuse & addiction: Effects on brain, risk factors & signs

Drug and alcohol abuse causes everyone sick. It’s difficult to be objective. In addition, drug abuse & addiction are problematical issues. You’re going to have many questions. So, In this Article, we will discuss the Effects, risk factors and sign of Drug Addiction. 

Drug addiction or drug abuse is becoming a major problem over the period of time. Drug addiction is considered to be a disorder, it is a mental state where an individual cannot control the desire to consume a legal or illegal drug despite knowing the drug is harmful.

Causes of drug addiction can be various like daily stress or bad lifestyle habits etc, reason of drug addiction can be any, but this addiction can be dangerous not only for your body but also for your social status.

Some drugs are more dangerous and some fall in the class of moderate but overall every drug can be harmful, if abused on regular basis. The risk of addiction and how fast drug will act depends on variety of drug.

Alcohol, marijuana and nicotine are also considered to addictive substances once you get addictive you will continuously feel craving for these drugs despite knowing they are harmful.

However, these are one of the most popular addictive substances while there are many other drugs which are not very popular but much more addictive and similarly dangerous like alcohol and nicotine.

Many painkillers are also addictive painkiller such as opioid is addictive, and it causes addiction quicker than other drugs. Over the period of time, your body will demand a larger dose to satisfy its addiction.

Even if you try to control your addiction, your body will react dramatically you will start felling extreme cravings for drug and your body will start felling tired with drug.

Drug Effects on Brain

Brain is the most important organ of the human body, brain controls almost every organ and system of a human body. You need brain when you drive, play sports, do workout, study or even when you are eating food.

Brain is involved in almost every physical and biological activity of your body, and your brain is even working when you are sleeping, it is proven fact that brain works all almost every time.

As we know brain is involved in almost all of your activities, any disturbance in brain directly affects your lifestyle and your working capabilities. Brain is usually compared with computer because of its working pattern and how it handles complex mechanisms.

The Computer has a network of electronic circuits and silicon chips which help a computer to perform various tasks while the human brain consists of billions of cells which are called neurons. Neurons are organized in brain just like circuits and network, which transfer message from one neuron to other as fast as speed of electricity.

However, consumption of drugs or drug addiction can affect the function of the brain and can also damage brain cells over the period of time. Drugs such as cocaine cause release of a large amount of abnormal natural neurotransmitters which affects the normal communication between neurons. This disturbance of communication between neurons cause unawareness of situation and also cause lagging in working capacity.

Other drugs such as heroine mimics the natural neurotransmitters in the brain, but they don’t activate neurons as the same way natural neurotransmitters which cause abnormal messages being sent through the network of neurons. This process can cause a person repetitively talking or speaking same thing or can cause a person speaking illogical things.

However, effects of drugs on the brain usually last only for a short period of time range from few hours to a couple of days depends on dosage of drug, at the same time drug addiction or regular abuse of these drugs can cause permanent damage in the brain and can also damage healthy neurons. Damage to healthy neurons can negatively affect working capabilities of a person and can also lead body to intense addiction to drugs.

Signs of Drug Addiction

One of the biggest sign of drug addiction is that you can’t stop yourself from taking a drug even if you want to stop it. You are equally aware of harmful effects of drugs, even drugs ruin your family and social relationships but still, you cannot control your cravings.

You start thinking more and more about drugs, even you start spending more money on buying drugs.

Since the demand of drug dosage usually increase with time and your income is not enough for buying drug, so you start stealing the money of others.

You many feel strange if you do not get you drug dosage on time. You may feel shaky, depressed, you may get a headache, and you will feel a bit fever on missing drug dose.

With the increasing dose of drug, you start having troubles with your family, co-workers, friends and partner.

You usually ignore the sensitivity of your safety, you start driving carelessly and ignore your safety.

You start adopting abnormal habits, you sleep too much or too less, you eat too much or ignore meals. Drugs bring many hormonal changes in your body which lead you to adopt abnormal habits.


Drug addiction can cause mental problems such as stress and depression. In many cases, peoples start taking drugs to reduce depression and anxiety but over the period of time drugs turn their mental problems from bad to worst.

Many drugs are highly addictive and makes a person more aggressive, if a person, miss a dose of drugs for a few days he/she can become violent which can be bad for himself or others.

Drugs addiction can cause various liver problems, drugs cause formation of toxins liver and body which cause poor detoxification of liver. Drug abuse can cause liver cirrhosis and hepatitis C.

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