Drug Addiction in India – A Rising Problem

Drug Addiction in India – A Rising Problem

Drug abuse or drug addiction is one of the most dangerous health crisis rising over the period of time, since it is a global crisis, India is not untouched from abuse crisis. Various studies and survey indicate drug abuse problem in India is rising over the period of time.

According to the reports of magnitude of substance abuse reports approximately 2.1% of Indian population consume opioids, it consumed in various forms such as poppy husk (Doda/Phukki) and in other forms such as heroine (Smack).

Another most commonly abused addictive substance in India is alcohol and its abuse is rising over the period of time. While other forms of drugs are pretty hard to obtain or buy while alcohol is easily available at very low price which make alcohol the most abused addictive drug or substance in India.

Causes of drug addiction


Lifestyle and environment is major factor which affects life of a person. If you live in vibrant and educated society than there are fewer chances that you will become a drug addict. In such environment where everyone is educated enough about the risk and side effects of drug abuse that kind of environment helps you to stay away from drugs and live a healthy life.

However, if you live in such a friend circle where usage of a drug is common, then most likely you will end up using those drugs. Most of the time drug consumption usually starts as an experiment try on yourself which slowly leads to drug addiction over the period of time.

In a circle where use of addictive substance is common it helps you to get addictive substance easily thanks to your friends. These are the reasons why environment play an important role in drug addiction, and it is important to live in a healthy environment.

Stress and depression

Stress and depression are another important factor when it comes to drug addiction. If you live a stressful life than most likely you may end up using drugs.

How stress and depression can lead you to drug addiction?

Studies have shown that a person who lives with mental depression is vulnerable to drug abuse. It is commonly seen individuals with depression use addictive substance such as alcohol or heroin in some cases to get rid of mental depression, which may help them to relax their mind for short term but in long term addictive substance turn this problem from bad to worst.

Stress and depression can be caused because of various factors such as studies, job or business load, but it is important to take sufficient brakes for work so that your mind can relax, and you can achieve a peaceful state of mind.


Genetics play important role is person’s behavior towards a drug. According to various studies genetics determine about 50% of drug addiction risk. Since every individual has different genetics which decide how a person’s brain will respond to addictive substance.

Some peoples have more mental ability to have control over their addiction and resist addictive drugs better.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction

If you sniff too much even you do not have cold or viral infection than it is one of the most common symptoms of drug addiction especially if you are using sportable drugs such cocaine. These drugs cause permanent damage to sinus and nasal cavity which can cause various respiratory problems.

Drug addiction disturb your digestive system which can result of lack of appetite or poor digestion. Lack of appetite can further cause various health problems such as malnutrition and dramatic weight loss. Drug addicts over the period of time start looking weak and their skin color turn pale because of deficiency of blood and nutrients.

Drug addiction brings a lot of behavior changes in an individual over the period of time, drugs usually make a person more loud and aggressive.

Its Addiction makes a person more aggressive so he/she start ignoring the safety. If a drug addict misses its dose of drug he/she may start behaving with anger and frustration. Drug addiction is usually linked with road rage.

Drug addiction brings many physical changes in a person such as shaky hands, headache and fever on missing drug dose.

How to Combat Drug Addiction?

Find good environment 

Your first step to get rid of drug addiction should be to switch to a better environment. Leave behind everything which reminds you of getting drugs, leave your friend circle who constantly use addictive substance and find a better company of friends.

Learn to combat stress and temptation over the period of time which will help you to control your drug addiction in the future.

Follow rehabilitation plan

The common mistake which every drug addict make is to hide his addiction and hesitate to visit a local drug rehabilitation center. You must visit to a local doctor or drug control center to get rid of drug addiction.

A Rehabilitation center can suggest you how to combat your addiction and how to reduce drug dose over the period of time so that one day you can stop taking drugs.

Keep yourself busy

Your lifestyle and schedule is another area where you have to do a lot of work. You must keep yourself busy in healthy activities which will not only help you to get rid of drug addiction but these activities which also improve your fitness.

In free time you must spend your time in sports activities, and you must spend time with your family, so you can keep yourself stress-free.

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