Health benefits of sleeping on your left side

Health benefits of sleeping on your left side

A night without sleep can cheese you off for the whole next day.

And then, you would be seen snapping out of your dozy eyes like a pesky ant, at anyone passing before you.

No matter how terribly netflixers underestimate the importance of a cosy night of sleep, it will remain significant.

We know, it is as important as other stuffs generally recommended, like exercise, good diet, and calm mind.

After a tiresome day, we hardly are conscious enough to mind how we hit the bed, we just fall over it.

It does not matter that your hand buries under that hefty belly, or your cheek sinks into the mattress, what concerns you at the moment is the slumber.

But do you know that the posture of their lying matters too, and it significantly impacts the health? Then, heading by the logic, a correct sleep posture can aid wellbeing while a poor one could definitely pose issues.

There are basically four kinds of sleeping positions, people either sleep on their back, stomach, left side or finally, the right side.

But then, of all these the first two are not quite entertained while other two are the preferred ones.

How does improper sleeping posture affect health?

Lying recklessly over the bed in a wrong way but which makes you comfortable, or you are used to, can inflict serious long-term effects.

A recent study conducted in 2019, published in BMJ Open, revealed that incorrect posture can heighten the risks of cervical pain, chronic backache, neck and lumbar pain.

And the results were applicable to everyone, irrespective of the age groups.

The experts further the discussions by exhorting the folks to improve their sleep position such that it does not stress your spine.

Incredible health benefits of sleeping on left side

Science and traditional medicine assert that left and right side of our body are different. And interestingly, sleeping on the left side has been found to be better for us.

Being salubrious for health, it is crucial to understand how does it benefit us. So, let’s get going.

Improves digestion

A bit of human physiology here, our pancreas and stomach both lie in the left cavity of the body, and sleeping on the same side, therefore, keeps them hanging.

Consequently, the action of gravity eases the movement of food in the belly, secretion, and transportation of pancreatic juices, and further, toxins and waste movement through the intestine.

This helps your bowel passage and cheers your gut as well.

Often, many individuals complain of heartburn and bad burps after meals. One can get over the issue by taking a catnap on your left side.

Enhances heart health

Our lifestyle and diet already pose high risks of getting surprise heart attacks, and now sleep posture also joins as another factor.

Lying on your left side, while sleeping, helps the heart to work more efficiently.

This is because our heart also falls on the left side of our body, and which is facilitated by gravity to pump the blood and regulate its floe easily.

And hence, this fellow to finds some peaceful beat moments at night. Ensure lying on your left side for your heart, which is beating all time long, tirelessly.

Perfect for pregnant women

Sleeping on the left side, with the knees bent and pillow placed between them, is deemed an ideal pose for sleeping for pregnant women, according to the experts.

This is because, the posture prevents any pressure on the back and hence keeps the spine intact.

Furthermore, mother’s body is also facilitated in supporting placenta with the nutrients, for healthy growth of foetus.

The blood flow to the uterus, as well as their system is improved.

Thus, as much as possible, expecting mothers out there, try to sleep on your left sides.

Helps prevent snoring

People who snore are typically informed by the one struggling beside them.

Those harsh bellowing at night, are indeed torture to the one sharing the bed with them.

Snoring is generally caused due to difficult breathing while you sleep.

And left-side posture helps in keeping the airways open, and throat in neutral position.

This prevents air from creating bad music from the voice box at night.

Although, it might take some time to adopt the new position especially for sleeping, but do give it a try.

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Strengthens lymphatic system

The left side of the body, being dominant on the lymphatic actions and processes, makes it reasonable to adopt the sleep posture in discussion, so far.

Ayurvedic science explains that sleeping on left side, enables the body to properly sieve the lymph fluid and waste through lymph nodes.

But why should I be concerned about the lymphatic system at all? Lymphatic mechanism is a part of our immunity and has a big role in combating pathogenic agents.

It also accounts for detoxifying the cells, and also absorbs digestive fats.

Thus, I surmise you finally got the reason to pamper your lymphatic system.

Recuperates from back pain

As already stated, wrong sleeping gesture can trigger chronic back pain problem and neck pain.

And therefore, avoiding it, while you simultaneously adopt left-side sleep posture can solve the issue.

If you are of those in just 20s and 30s walking with their hands on their hunches, due to pain in the back, then swap to this pose.

It works by relieving pressure on your spine, and burden on the back.

You will notice the difference in comfort while snoozing and thus, in your sleep.

Extinguishes the discomfort of heartburn

Burning pain in chest after meals is usual for some people after meals, due to acid reflux symptoms.

Often, the symptoms can behave like you are getting a heart attack.

While sleeping on the right side can exacerbate the condition, so sleeping on left is the best option to choose.

Take at least a 10-minute nap after you have your lunch or breakfast.

Bottom line

We showed you how bad sleeping posture can get you ailing with issues like cervical pain, backache, and neck pain.

However, sleeping on left side renders benefits on our health.

It keeps your gut, lymphatic system and spine in good condition and also decreases heartburn complaints.

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