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How your diet chart can help you in Fallopian Tube Blockage

How your diet chart can help you in Fallopian Tube Blockage

Fallopian tubes are the primary passages which connect the uterus to the ovaries, the egg-holders of the female reproductive system.

These tubes abide by the obligation of transporting an ovum (egg) to the uterus for further implantation.

The process of fertilization of ovum by sperm transpires in the widest part of fallopian tubules.

Hence, these ducts carry big weight of initiating pregnancy.

However, there can occur partial or complete blockage of fallopian tubes, owing to different reasons.

Any obstruction in these tubules can pose severe complications such as, ectopic pregnancy, hydrosalpinx and possibly death.

In case the blockage of tube is partial, it could result in ectopic pregnancy, i.e., implantation in the tube itself rather uterus, hydrosalpinx, etc.

However, if the blockage happens to be complete, it does not allow the egg to be fertilized by sperm.

Thereby, making pregnancy practically an impossible thing to coEither way, the condition erects lethal consequences for the mother and should be attended by physicians.

Why do fallopian tubes blockage occur?

Fallopian tube blockage is a usual and prevalent reason of infertility among women.

There are different reasons which can prevent sperm from meeting the sperm.

Major and common causes of tubal blockage are

 Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

These ailments which can cause blockage of reproductive tubes emerge owing to certain infections by organisms like chlamydia, gonorrhoea, or even tuberculosis.

HIV could also often result in choked fallopian tubes.

However, these infections are manageable and can be treated. Therefore, fallopian tubes can be relieved of the obstruction.


It is one of the most common conditions confronted by female infertile patients.

In this condition, menstrual blood behaves abnormally and reverse to the pelvic area.

This results in adhesions and subsequently the tubes get blocked.

Previous abortions

Fallopian tube blockage renders those women vulnerable who underwent abortion in the past.

This is because of the resultant infections or intra tubal adhesions due to the abortion process, whether induced or spontaneous.

Previous abdominal or pelvic surgery

If someone has faced an abdominal or pelvic surgery for ruptured appendix or fibroid uterus could also suffer fallopian tube blockage.

Congenital causes

Although highly rare yet possible reason is the occurrence of defects in fallopian tube since birth.

This could potentially result in blockage of tubes.

Functional tubal blockage

This is a condition which apparently qualifies to be labelled as blocked fallopian tube.

However, the tubes are not actually blocked, rather merely appear to be as noticed from certain tests.

Nonetheless, more modern and credible technique of laparoscopy enables to cure the issue and renders the reports normal.

The illusion of blockage is due to tubal spasms, which can be alleviated with certain prescriptions.

And thereafter a healthy pregnancy can occur.

Diet chart for Fallopian Tube Blockage

Whatever we consume has its implications on our health and ailments if we suffer from any.

Likewise, blocked tubules too can be interfered with anti-inflammatory diet to de-escalate inflammation in the body.

While the nutriments to be emphasized are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, as well as folate.

The above cited nutrients are rich in antioxidants, thus help in reducing inflammation.

It is of immense importance that you take anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative foods to manage the issue.

In addition, be an optimistic soul instead of sulking around.

This is because positive energy which surrounds you, thus, helps you heal better.

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Here we lay out for you a diet plan for fallopian tube blockage

Early morning

A cupful of warm ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon tea.


A cupful of Amla juice

And munch 6-7 soaked almonds + 2 walnuts


2 eggs, have them the way you want (scrambled, boiled or fried) Or

A bowl of oats or oats upma Or

A wholegrain bread toast layered with cheese and a mashed avocado Or

A bowl of Ragi porridge

2 spinach and gram flour pancakes (palak-besan chilla)

Any of the above + 1 fruit (musk melon, watermelon, papaya, orange, or apple)


Imbibe glassful of the following:

Coconut water with I tbsp chia seeds Or buttermilk Or beetroot+ pomegranate+ celery juice

In case you are overweight, drink a glass of water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar half an hour before lunch.


2 Wholewheat chapatis or a bowl of soup/ porridge with

A cupful of garlic-spinach curry/ mixed veg curry (consisting carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli) with

Moong dal/ besan-kadhi/ black-eyed peas/ chickpea curry/ Lima beans/ Fish curry- Salmon or Tuna/ chicken meat with

A cupful of buttermilk with roasted cumin seeds or flaxseed powder


A bowl of roasted chana or sprouts bhel

Or avocado shake or boiled eggs


Prefer any meal from lunch diet

With a bowl of carrot soup+ slight-fried vegetables (capsicum/ carrot/ broccoli/ onion/ beans)

A bowl of celery

 Before sleeping

A glassful of milk with 6-7 soaked almonds and 2 walnuts

Extra medicinal and health considerations

Fallopian tube obstruction is indeed a serious which can be managed by adhering to the above-mentioned diet-plan.  However, it still would be preferred that you give it an exceptional care.

Follow the natural measures given below to facilitate the recovery from blocked fallopian tube.

Yoga and exercises

No less an emphasis can be put on the practice of Yoga.

Regular implementation of yogic exercises will aid you in relieving of the fallopian tube blockage and in its healing.

Furthermore, specific yoga asanas such as Viparita Karani and Setubandhasana are recommended to help improve fertility.

It, on the other hand, regulates the stress levels, which will boost your positive energy keeping you hale.

Fertility massages

All the massages known are definitely relaxing and help in decreasing inflammation.

Fertility massages too are instrumental in opening of blocked tubes by enervating the blood flow to them.

Moreover, it reduces the inflammation and interrupts scar tissue and adhesion.

Usually, manoeuvred by special masseuse fertility massage is done using castor oil which happens to be hot and heavy in nature.

Medicinal herbs

There are several herbs with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and pro-immunity powers.

Enquire a specialist regarding the suited manner to take them. Also confirm that they are organic.

Some of these medicinal herbs are: Goldenseal rot, Ginger root, Hawthorn, Echinacea, and Dong Quai Root.

Bottom line

Fallopian tube blockage is a condition which can be controlled and treated by a relevant diet and other favourable habits.

These habits are Yoga, meditation, taking medicinal herbs, fertility massage, etc.

However, it is preferred that you visit your clinician regularly for check-ups and needed tests.

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