Midnight Snacking: Fun and nutritious way to sleep

Midnight Snacking Fun and nutritious way to sleep

Talk to any college-going or school-going student if they sleep for full 8-hours at night or not, and there you have your answer, a big NO.

The new trend of binge-watching movies and series all night or the new addiction that is Instagram Reels has got them woke all night.

Apart from this, OTT and social media addiction, the levels of stress and panic among them are invigorating and a matter of grave concern.

What is Midnight Snacking?

Midnight  Snacking is not something rare or happening only during the menstrual time in women.

But these cravings are so strong that it drives them to eat all sorts of unhealthy food and dishes at night like noodles or junk or packets of chips and more.

This is not a one-time occurrence or once a week even but every day and this is one primary reason why there are more kids and teens at risk of digestion-related medical issues or severe health issues in their future probably after marriage or in the case of women when they try to conceive.

For a fact, obviously, there are activities and fixed schedules you can perform to sleep at night, exert yourself to the point where you just lay on the bed, and you are asleep.

Midnight snacking can also be made healthy

If you think you are addicted to Midnight Snacking, then the most common symptom is you will feel the urge to eat something the moment you hit the bed.

Despite the fact that you want to sleep on time and give your body a proper rest, you will end up fulfilling your cravings.

How about somebody telling you that you can hit one bird with two stones?

Imagine if you could eat something that is not a medicine just regular foods that can help you fall asleep, sounds exciting right?

Going to bed on an empty stomach because you are trying to lose weight or for whatever reason is not going to help you sleep, instead, it will make you irritated and keep tossing around in your bed.

How about a list of foods that must be avoided before sleeping at all costs? Because going to bed empty stomach or an over-flowing stomach, neither is helpful.

Having a balanced yet full of nutrition diet will not only help you grow, but also push you to sleep. Such foods include the following-

  1. All caffeine-containing foods like coffee, chocolates, soda, cold drinks because caffeine makes it all the way more difficult for you to sleep.
  2. All sorts of foods that contain fat basically junk like burgers, fries, pizza, and more.
  3. Foods that are high in sugar spike your blood pressure rise and fall all night, making it an uneasy night in all.
  4. Last come spicy foods, consuming any food that is a little too spicy for you will increase your body temperature, making you hot and uncomfortable.

Tasteful foods that can help regulate sleep

Now, coming onto the food, you can consume that will help you sleep better will be listed below.

Hogging up anything you find in the middle of the night is not progressive for your immunity but will only degrade it slowly and slowly.

If you are having trouble falling asleep these are the foods, you can eat that will help you sleep:
  1. Kiwi- Kiwi has been known as an overall good source of providing energy and help you stronger your immunity because it is rich in antioxidants and serotonin which accelerate sleep.
  2. Bananas- The ultimate and instant source of energy and a friend to those who work out, this fruit is rich in potassium and magnesium that help relax muscles and enforce sleep hormones.
  3. Cherries- Can’t imagine a list of such tasteful foods that can help you sleep and build strong immunity. Cherries are rich in melatonin, which releases sleep hormones that indicate to your body that it is time for bed.
  4. Spinach- Those leafy greens and veggies are not our enemies as much you hate consuming them,  You do not have to consume this green directly but mix it with almond milk or make it into a smoothie and consume to instigate sleep hormones.
  5. Any caffeine-free drink, warm like milk, tea will help you relax and calm your nerves which in turn helps you sleep.
  6. Sweet potatoes- These sweet and yummy foods are easy to digest, nutritious, natural, muscle relaxing food that is the best option when trying to sleep.

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When tracking down professional advice from a nutritionist about how to improve your sleep schedule, they suggest you have at least three to four-hour breaks between sleeping and food intake.

This will help your metabolism and digestive system and give your body enough time to digest your meals.

This kind of gap between meals and sleep will also help regulate and normalize your blood sugar levels and keep them in check.

If you are not into consuming vegetarian food and crave something non-veg you can also eat turkey or pork if available, they are rich in serotonin and melatonin which instill sleep in your body.


Eating too much or right before going to bed will not relax your muscles and body but make it active and as a result, your sleep levels reduce.

This kind of practice will cause you discomfort and give you burps all night long.

If you intake a large number of liquids before bed this will also make you want to urinate a lot in the middle of the night.

If you still find difficulty sleeping even after changing your lifestyle and food habits, it is better, you consult a professional like a sleep specialist.

There may be changes you need to make in the kind of pillow you use or need a medication maybe surgery even which is a very rare case but very much possible.

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