Oxford-AstraZeneca – How effective it is?

The coronavirus COVID19 pandemic is the deadliest pandemic of modern times, till now it has taken more lives than World War 2.

Coronavirus pandemic became a global pandemic within a very short period of time and till now it has caused more than one million deaths worldwide.

There was no effective medicine was available in the world when this pandemic began, the only solution which every country followed was a strict lockdown and banning public activities for a certain period of time.

Lockdown do reduce spread of COVID19 virus but at the same time lockdown hit worst to everyone mentally, physically and most important economically.

Every country faces major economic downfall and millions of peoples lost their jobs.

Corona pandemic has also put a lot of burden on the pharmaceutical industry to fulfil the growing demand of health and medical types of equipment to deal with the pandemic, a quest for a suitable vaccine was started worldwide to cure COVID19 since the pandemic began.

And finally, India has given green signal to Oxford-Astrazeneca coronavirus vaccine for emergency use which is being domestically developed in India by serum institute of India.

Origin of vaccine

The vaccine was first developed by Oxford–Astrazeneca and its trails were conducted in UK, South Africa and Brazil in early stages.

The Indian variant of this vaccine AZD1222 is being developed in Indian by Serum Institute of India.

Serum Institute of India (SII) is the world’s largest vaccine producer which based in Pune and it says the company will be producing 50 million doses per month.

The drug authority of India has given green light this vaccine and India stored 50-60 millions shots of this vaccine for emergency use and the medicine is known as Covidsheild in India, it can be administered in two doses which can be given between four and twelve weeks apart.

Efficiency of vaccine

The overall efficacy of this vaccine is around 70% and it could be far more effective for large countries such as India as compare to vaccines of other major pharma companies like Pfizer, BioNtech and Moderna because of various factors.

The analysis was done by Oxford-Astrazeneca shown a remarkable difference.

The participants in trails who received the lower dose of vaccine in the first shot and full dose in the second shot were found to be more effective than participants who received a full dose in the first shot.

The reasons are still being analyzed but some explanations say half dose in first short performing better because it triggers the body’s natural immune response better to fight back against infection. 

Why this vaccine is better for India?  

Effective across all age groups

The Oxford-AZ vaccine in trails shown that is works across peoples of all age groups includes elder ones.

Preliminary data also shows that vaccine can reduce asymptomatic infection which can reduce breathing problem up to large extent.

Chest congestion and breathing difficulties are one common cause of death amongst corona patients which Oxford-AZ vaccine can reduce respiratory problems.

This vaccine was also found effective in tackling person to person spread of corona infection and it can help countries to restrict or limit the spread of corona pandemic further.

23,000 total participants got shot of this vaccine and there were no severe hospitalization cases or adverse effects were reported after injecting the vaccine which makes this vaccine better than the other two vaccines.

Easy to store and distribute

The storage and transportation process of Oxford-AZ vaccine is easier and cheaper as compare to Pfizer, BioNtech and Moderna vaccine.

The favourable temperature to store and transport Pfizer, BioNtech and Moderna vaccine is somewhere between -20 to -80 degree Celsius which make is very costly to store and transport, transportation of this vaccine require specific cold storage which can increase the cost of this vaccine further high.

Cold storage capacity in Indian rural areas is not very robust which can store these vaccines in large numbers, meanwhile, storage and transport conditions required for Oxford-AZ vaccine are very common, this vaccine can be store and transported at normal refrigerator temperature which is around 2 – 8 degree Celsius.

There are no specific facilities required to store and transport Oxford-AZ vaccine which can make it cheaper and more affordable for developing countries.    

Cheaper price

Oxford-AZ vaccines are remarkably cheaper as compare to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

AZ has reached to an agreement that it will not look for profits in the times of pandemic, AZ had made agreements with government and international health organizations that it will provide each shot of vaccine at a price of 2.50 USD while the expected price of Pfizer vaccine can up as 20 USD per shot and Moderna shot can be even higher at around 25 USD per shot.

Oxford-AZ shot can be much cheaper as compare to other two vaccines which can save a lot of money and will put fewer burdens on already declined economies.

Being produced in India

Oxford-AZ vaccine is being produced in India by Serum Institute of India which is Pune based Pharmaceutical company since it is produced in India so Indians will get the shots of vaccines first which will reduce the spread of corona pandemic further.

In India vaccine will be required in massive numbers as compare to other smaller nations, current population of India is estimated more than 1.30 billion which simply means country will require millions of doses to meet its demand.

Importing costly medicine from other countries in large numbers can further worsen the economic crisis in India which domestically produce Covidsheild can save a lot of money and this vaccine can be delivered on the right time.

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