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Sugary Beverages May Increase Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Young Women

Sugary Beverages May Increase Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Young Women

An observation by health experts exposes the growing instances of colorectal cancer, particularly among women.

This spike has been associated with the consumption of sugary beverages, making it the third most common cancer across the globe.

Absolutely, it’s all our favourite Coke, lime, soda, sports drinks etc, behind this sick scene.

Sugary beverages have been in vogue since the late 20th century. They are ubiquitous in our celebrations, mood-ups, gyms, and whatnot.

And the population endorsing their consumption most is women, youth and children, putting them at greater risk.

The studies conducted confirmed the rise of colon and rectal cancer in adolescents and women under 50 linked with sweetened drinks.

The research was conducted by Washington University school of medicine that involved thousands of women participants above 25 years.

They revealed that women who drank just a light serving of sugary drinks were at lower risk compared to women who took more than 2 drinks per day.

The risk of early onset of colorectal cancer was doubled in the latter cases.

Health experts suggest it alright to have sugary beverages once in a while, but not regularly.

Colorectal cancer is deemed to be preventable only by limiting your hand to another sip of drink with added sugar.

This is because every sugary drink you take further heightens your risk by at least 16%.

How do sugary drinks contribute to colorectal cancer?

We have already been warned constantly to cut down our sugar intake.

It has been linked with many chronic health illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular death, obesity, insulin resistance, etc.

There is a lot more sugar in your drink than you perceive, and it indeed could be harmful to health.

These drinks are full of calories and tell the body insulin to store more fat.

The amount of sugar these daily beverages contain is definitely shocking, while sugar utilized in them is no different from what is used in other sweet delicacies.

They all are caloric sweeteners, for example, sucrose, honey, glucose, fructose and high-fructose corn-syrup.

And when we ingest any soft drink or soda, the sugar accumulates in our mouth and gut, feeding varieties of harmful bacteria.

The tea and coffee are to be finger-pointed as well.

And apart from colorectal cancer, these beverages trigger dental issues, chronic ailments and early death owing to its bad impact on our metabolic processes.

However, the diet drinks remain favourable with their hands clean of any morbid links with cancers, disease, etc.

This is because they use sugar substitutes instead of regular sugar and sweetening agents.

It was claimed that replacing sugary drinks with the diet drinks could prevent early death.

However, excess of it, i.e., 4 plus servings a day, too could upshot the similar consequences as is the case with sweetened drinks.

By now you might be panting, “Buddy, sugar is bitter not sweet”.

Although our bread and grain foods contain glucose, a simple sugar, there are no bad effects, and it is converted into energy.

Whereas fructose, ingested through high-fructose drinks, undergoes different metabolic procedure.

It results in fructose overload on liver, which is then stored as fat.

And higher the amount of fat in liver, more is its content on blood.

This increases triglycerides and cholesterol in blood, posing various health risks.

Majority of the population suffering from colorectal cancer are women who entertained much too sugary, slimy drinks in their teenage.

Nonetheless, genetics and pedigree also play a role in developing of colorectal cancer before age of 50.

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What can we do to prevent colorectal cancer?

Stated so far, it would be judicious to get shot of sweetened drinks, for good, long life.

These drinks are also supposed to escalate the dangers of getting type-2 diabetes and obesity.

Both are rampant chronic ailments hitting the world.

There is ample data to support the hypothesis that sugary drinks can lead to colorectal cancer. However, not as a cause, rather as a potential association.

Polanco emphasizes that the appropriate way to preclude this type of cancer is to undertake frequent check-ups and screenings.

The rise of colorectal cancer among youth apart from women is also attributed to various other lifestyle factors.

These factors could be sedentary living, malnutrition, poor diet, irregular sleep patterns, stress and so on.

Colorectal cancer so far was seen as a disease that generally afflicts later in life.

However, findings limelight the fact that it is now commonly sweeping youth, especially women under the age of 50 in its sway.

What are healthy alternatives for sweet sips?

This is understandable, as we recognize the devil in every other sweet drink commonly vended off today.

How do I quench my craving for coke or soda or whatever you prefer?

Is there any alternate available without developing risk of colorectal cancer?

Sugary beverages can be swapped with the following unsweetened options

  • Milk shakes
  • Coffee and tea
  • Plain water
  • Quality fruit juices
  • Diet drinks

For sure, these options are not bad to consider.

There are some drinks and foods as well that could rise the risks of colorectal cancer.

Having colon health in mind, you should avoid

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Red and processed meat
  • Low diet fibre
  • Sugary beverages
  • Frequent junk foods

Heeding the consequences of consuming sugary beverages, it is a wise deal to quit these.

Since, high-fructose corn syrup used in these drinks is affirmed to intensify the possibilities of getting various ailments such as diabetes mellitus, colon and rectal cancer, cardiac diseases etc.

It is even more serious an issue for women, particularly those who had a lot of beverages in their teen years.

Bottom line

Various researches conducted on the increased frequency of colorectal cancer has exposed sugary beverages as the culprit.

Apart from this common cancer, it also puts us on the brink of developing other chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity cardiac conditions, etc.

Fortunately, this growing trend of colorectal cancer can be avoided by keeping off from sweetened drinks.

And of course, you might switch to healthier options.

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