What are Nootropics supplements and their importance?

What are Nootropics supplements and their importance

They are feeding the buzz of the day.

Fiction of Hollywood has always enticed us with stories of brains outpacing normal human ability for a brain.

The first name that comes to my mind is a movie “Limitless”, wherein a guy imbibes a pill that unlocks 100% of his brain, unlike an average bloke.

He, thus, gains an upper hand over others with his exceptional knack and aces the world with his doings.

I do not purport to review the film here, for sure, rather I intend to acquaint you with drugs called nootropics.

These are bio-supplements which claim to make you smarter and hence, they are also popularly called as “smart drugs”.

Breaking the word to understand its etymology, nootropic has Latin roots, where Noos means mind and Tropeins refers to bend or turn.

Overall, it lends a meaning, a drug which improves memory and intellect.

These supplements are chemicals which tend to enhance your cognitive potential.

They highly boost our attention span and focus even under taxing situations.

For sure, these supplements will not turn you into a genius instantaneously as shown in the movie where, Bradley Cooper becomes a relentless virtuoso.

Nootropics can do an impressive job of upping your low spirits, increase creativity, memory, accuracy, mood elevation and focus potential.

This actually means a lot since it enables you to get your tasks done in lesser time.

How do nootropics enhance the potential of the brain?

Modern world has so much to learn, perform and advance the human race in terms of technology, knowing mysteries of cosmos and so on.

And the impatience to decipher it all has urged since time immemorial to unleash the power of the brain, resulting in the emergence of adaptogenic herbs and now nootropics.

They are blend of natural and synthetic compounds which allocate particular neurotransmitters targeting its performance and further enriching it.

Even your caffeine too is a type of nootropic which upscales your attention and alertness.

Smart drugs increase the levels of neurotransmitter acetylcholine to augment recognition, learning, memory, motivation, and attention.

 What are the types of nootropic supplements?

Nootropics is a broad term used to refer to synthetic as well as natural cognition boosters, and they are classified as dietary supplements, prescription drugs and synthetic compounds.

Natural nootropics supplements

As they speak, these are derived from pro-cognition and memory boosting substances found in nature, such as herbs, phytonutrients, antioxidants, etc.

We have substantial knowledge at our hands regarding the potential of super-mushrooms or herbs like ashwagandha.

And now these are grabbed and sifted through to create powerful intellect uplifters.

Some big names associated with this field such as Moon Juice or Lion’s Mane plays primarily with the power of super-mushrooms.

While ashwagandha is not spared and is extracted to deliver a mental enhancer going by the name of Brain Dust in the market.

Natural nootropics are proven effective with few to no side effects, providing shrill alertness and focus to you throughout your day.

Synthetic compounds

Familiar options for synthetic nootropics are Modafinil, Racetams, Adrafinil and Noopept. Being prescriptive, man-made nootropics are not available as over the counter drugs.

Moreover, there has been limited research supporting their use and effect on a normal person.

This is because, generally, these drugs specifically designed to mitigate the brain difficulty faced by people having ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, episodic memory lapse, learning defects, or mild cognitive impairment.

Are nootropics important to administer?

Owing to their rampant claims, that these cerebroactive pills boost your mood, increase your memory and enhance the learning, they are gaining quite much limelight.

People are resorting to these drugs to become smarter and keep themselves in overdrive and ahead of competition.

Natural nootropics are indeed a healthier alternate to consider against synthetic ones.

Moreover, these cognition enhancers do not add up to your current levels of brain potential, rather they just make up for the some mental deficit.

It just helps your memory and intellect to work to its full by overcoming the lapses you suffer in memory or other mind activities, due to physiological imbalances.

This simply means you shall forget less and hence remembering more comparatively.

Smart drugs are availed only by prescriptions.

These drugs are specifically advised for those facing memory difficulties as mentioned above.

While if taken without consultation, you might have to confront side effects.

Undue intake of cognitive enhancers or CNS stimulants can trigger depression and memory issues.

This is definitely a big price to pay.

Nootropics like Modafinil, Adderall or Adrafinil are not benign medications and can be dangerous.

They might even arise issues owing to the drugs that you are already on.

Having safe and good options at our service, it is imprudent to still resort to nootropics.

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What are healthier nootropics substitutes?

So far, it is clear that nootropics do not make you smarter than you are in reality.

However, they do contribute to compensate for the deficit of relevant transmitters, which are helpful in memory and concentration.

Ample research instituted upon the characteristics of omega-3, creatine, vitamins, B- complexes and antioxidants had a favourable revelation upon brain health.

These elements have a great deal of good effects on our memory and learning.

Below are some great tips to enhance cognition without Nootropics


Psychiatry has exposed that whatever we eat or guzzle influences our brain to a considerable extent.

So, being mindful of what your plate holds would be great to start with.

Replace your junk food or high carbs grub or oily savouries with healthier and tastier options such as low-fat dairy, vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and almonds.

Omega-3 is too is tested positive to enhance your brain functionality. Have it from walnut, fish oil, etc.

Good sleep

Lack of sleep, as you might be knowing already is potent of making you irritable, less productive or a master of sloth.

Sleep is a rejuvenator, which helps our body to restore and heal itself from the toils of the day.

Sleep deprivation results in memory issues and hazy thinking.

So better, you out your screens down, and let your night be for snoring deep.

Do it for the sake of your memory and health, researchers put it not me!

Reduced stress

Stress is a familiar monster that haunts invariably everyone in 21st century.

And hence, proudly bags a trophy for inflicting sundry mental disorders, insomnia, memory loss, lack of concentration, weak creativity and even physical disorders too.

There are many techniques in which you can properly manage your stress and become a more productive person.

Lower stress also means enhanced memory and good thinking and creative potential.

Bottom line

Nootropics or smart drugs, as they are popularly called are renowned for their pledge of making smarter beings out of us.

However, after listening to researchers, it is concluded that nootropics are specifically availed under physician’s prescription.

And they are used to treat memory problems in people with ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

In case you find yourself struggling with normal memory difficulties, avoid these drugs.

You can rather focus on your nutrition, sleep, exercise and hold lesser stress to optimise your cognitive abilities.

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