What are the ways to clear Negative Thoughts from the Mind?

A smog of negative thoughts is indeed hard to clear off. It can have thick dust of self-sabotage, incompetency, regrets, hate, jealousy, and all the other pessimistic words you can count.

Initiating with slight overthinking, which you simply condone, it starts to grow into something colossal, which makes your headache and soul cry out of sheer helplessness.

I know, it’s easier said than done. But nonetheless, it needs to be rid-off, else it demands a high pay off your life.

Although, your pessimism and negativity veil you while you are supposedly resting, but your mind is hyperactive, sucking off all the energy.

Now that you are here, implies how terribly sick you are of your habit of negative thinking. And how urgently you want to redeem your titchy brain from their havoc.

We shall address this issue in detail, which aims not only to help you clear your mind off those monsters, rather treat it with some good thought buns too.

There are different ways you can embrace to counter the poser but, first, you need to be aware of each nook of the “dark empire of cynicism”.

Why do I get negative thoughts?

Although, negative thinking can arise due to common cold, anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, personality problems, sleep deprivation, hunger, family issues, drugs, or another physical ailment etc.

But you cannot blame the above-cited causes every time, especially when you experience it as a habit, since it can be the other way around.

For instance, depression and anxiety are brought by excessive and negative thinking and not by contrariwise.

Let’s get deeper, we influence our thoughts and in turn, they impact our perspective, emotions, and ways. This indicates that a dim view of life can further us into potential mental disorders like depression.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy elucidated by Dr. Aaron T. Beck clarifies the root of the issue.

It states that negative thoughts are borne of cognitive distortions, which are in reality false.

But if these distortions convince you to believe in them, then you might have to face “Madam gloomy muse” triggering depressive emotions.

However, if you reject and shun these false views, you are likely saved. Bravo!

But how do these distortions look like? Your mind can caricature a normal happening that you start to sense it as a:

A personal attack: Whatever is transpiring out, there is about you. It can be something good, but often bad.

Brewing conclusions: Without even knowing the exact reason behind something, you impatiently decide the ultimate cause on your own.

Overgeneralization: If something terrible happened to you once, you think it would be the same course each time.

Polarizing: You either see something as extremely flawless or awful, with no chance to stand in between. It’s always about perfection or failure.

Whatif syndrome: There is always a restive aura about you, as you are sunk in unrealistic apprehensions and possibilities.

Blamegame: Something bad occurred to you, well, it is never you. You always finger-point others, even for your blunders and fallacies.

Rules are not for you: In general, rules are meant for everybody. But, if others violate them, you get into rage, while if they are broken by you, it is completely fine.

Filterit: Irrespective of the situation, you ruminate upon the negatives, making the thing/ event no more than a crag of mess.

Avoid such distorted outlooks to preserve yourself of the dire consequences of the same, where pessimism is one of them.

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Best ways to clear negative thoughts from the mind

This is definitely a sort of mental illness and should be considered seriously.

Since, even a feeble negative thought, if not stopped, has the potential to inflict its ripple effect.

Of course, there are solutions to combat it which requires grit and commitment to transform from your side.  

Here are some great scientifically backed ways to clear negative thoughts from the mind:

Push the stop button immediately

Certainly, you are aware of it when you overthink or believe the false and distorted perceptions, now simply try to quell the uprising urgently.

Do it by probing the reason and explaining to yourself, how invalid and stupid it is to expend your peace over it. This will definitely give you a peaceful sleep.

Welcome positive thoughts

Greet optimistic thoughts, and it will help you drive away unnecessary ideas.

Let your monster be overpowered by the angels of positivity.

Thinking constructively unblocks your mind, and you might find a better purpose for your mind.

Train the subconscious

Whatever we think, ultimately falls into the recesses of our mind and directs our outlook on life, the world, its people, and definitely ourselves.

As no one falls asleep immediately after lying on the bed, pore over good things in your life, attempt to paint a picture of the world in colors rather than the extremes of black and white.

As you do this regularly, your brain starts making new neural pathways while eliminating those which are not used, i.e., negative thoughts.

Thus, the ball rests in your court, suffer or act!

Booksy friend

A good book is a friend even to introverts. Although negative and excessive thinking can occur anytime, usually it hits at night.

Allocate this space and time to some inspiring books and read until you slip into dreamland.

This would not only save your precious time and energy from misuse, but also build a healthy aura about you.

A hobby can save

Everybody is interested in some or the other stuff. Just work to enhance it and engage your thoughts in the revision of the lesson you learned that day.

This will help you to strengthen your knowledge and make you a worthy champ while rescuing you from the pangs of negative thoughts.

Understand yourself

Negative thinking is the torture you inflict upon your mind. Do not be so harsh, it is you- thinking and feeling being- and not some statue.

Debunk the wrong perceptions and cognitive fallacies, and try to understand yourself. Develop curiosity rather than following the enticing of your pessimism.

Ask yourself,” why am I doing this/ thinking this?”

Show yourself some love and support, saying, “you are worthy, and I shall do my best to help you out of this mess”.

Such regular supportive statements will spike your self-esteem, save a lot of your peace, and finally bid bye to negative thoughts.

Bottom line

So far, we discussed negative thinking and its consequence upon an individual. It is definitely atrocious that a person might even end up in a serious mental disorder, depression being the potential and primal upshot.

Negative thoughts are generally fuelled by distorted cognitions such as over- personalization, filtering, jumping to conclusions, generalization, etc.

Therefore, you can resist the dim emotions by rejecting these distorted views and adopting some good thinking patterns.

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