What can we do to manage sleep problems during Menopause?

What can we do to manage sleep problems during Menopause

You got it girl, nobody but you yourself got your back. Steer through those stigmas and stereotypes and build yourself.

A woman is a strong pillar, the kind that goes through hell but will never let it show.

It takes courage, strength, bravery to bleed every month for several days and still live your regular life.

It is time society understand that menstruation is not a taboo or evil, but basic science and a vital part of a woman’s life.

Periods: The reality check

Menstruation is the unavoidable truth and a major player for a woman to give birth. It is a painful miracle bound to occur at regular intervals.

Going through this cycle is not exactly a cakewalk for a good 50 something years of your life.

Menstruating is not just about blood flow, but it is like a video game that has twists and new difficulties every level of life; to name a few, irregular cycle, colour of blood, risks of infection, major mood swings, major pains, swollen veins, loss of energy and will to do any basic activity and much more.

It is precisely why women have a much better tolerance power than men. But what we are to talk about today is Menopause.

You see, it would be a mockery on the literacy levels if one did not know about Menopause or even Menstruation sporadically.

Menopause; The mirror to old age

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life usually from 40s to 50s where she stops menstruating, basically ladies accept you are turning into grandmas.

Nothing abut science is easy and has no strings attached, menopause also is not an elementary concept or a one-time understandable phenomenon.

For a woman to confirm that she has reached her menopause stage, she should not menstruate for 12 months straight and thus cannot conceive naturally too.

It seems as if women didn’t have enough on their plate already, menopause is not an easy time, let me tell you.

It is life altering and with the kind of lifestyle teens and adults today live, numerous women tend to forget about their hormonal and vaginal health and risks.

If you are not aware of the symptoms and ifs and buts and causes and problems of menopause, you are in for a surprise.

You see, there is something called a Perimenopause that is basically the first sign of your menopausal period starting.

During this time, you may skip on your period once or twice, less, or heavy discharge.

Since periods are a result of the formation of oestrogen and progesterone during menopause, the formation of these stops and thus cause major hormone changes.

Next comes in line is something called menopause.

It is lack of period for an entire year and the last stage is called the Post menopause, which judging by the name obviously refers to the years after your period ceases to exist.

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Insomnia is a real piece of work

Next on to this ride are problems during menopause that are usually left unnoticed and uncared about, but matter a lot.

These problems maybe red flags you have been ignoring.

These include problems like: Insomnia or sleep depravity, excessive weight gain, growth of hair in unprecedented body parts, anxiety, reduced sex drive, UTI, and more, but what is most observed in women are hot flashes.

Since no human is the same, every experience of every woman during and through menopausal time is different.

Insomnia is a word highly used by teens or children in their early 20s a lot but what causes them insomnia is lethargy, bad lifestyle, stress, anxiety but suffering from insomnia during menopause is a different tale and not a good might I tell you.

If not treated right away under the right kind of medication and guidance, it can cause serious disruptions mentally and physically.

Insomnia is basically when a person cannot sleep at all during any time day or night. It is a fact universally acknowledged among women that those hormones are a real piece of work, and not a good one, might I add?

They not only make you go all crazy sometimes they also hamper the one thing that we use to escape the world and the worldly worries, you guessed it right I mean our sleep.

The major hormonal changes in our body due to the lack of formation of estrogen and progesterone in the body women suffer from insomnia that usually continues to the post menopause period.

Preventative methods for Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most seen factors in a woman entering her menopausal period or after, including hot flashes, mood changes, sleep disoriented breathing.

As we grow human body requires different hours of sleep at different ages, and it decreases as you grow older which exultingly turns into insomnia and causes irritability, lack of focus, memory loss, lethargy, tiredness which is majorly caused due to no formation of estrogen in the body.

Dealing with insomnia at the menopausal stage obviously can be done through treatments, but there are other options available too.

Doctors provide Melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, sometimes in the form of medication during treatments.

Soy products increase the making of estrogen, the reason behind the chaos, and improves not only sleep but also helps with hot flashes.

Since women tend to gain weight during menopause, it is advised to maintain a healthy diet and no acidic or large meals before bed as they can cause hot flashes.

Alcohol and cigarettes do no good ever to anybody, and so during this time it is in the no-no pile.

Develop a stress-free, fresh schedule, perform mind refreshing activities like yoga, exercise, avoid fluids before bed which will reduce the chances of getting up middle of the night, fix a time to wake and go to bed, avoid caffeine which I know is hard to hear, but you got to do it.

Sleep without any thoughts and if you do get up middle of the night keep the damn phone and TV away so that it does not trigger the insomnia, and you can fall back asleep oh and wear comfortable pyjamas and keep a cosy soothing vibe in your room.


Concluding, if you hit the menopausal period consult your doctor, be aware, keep in check of your changes and your health and do not try any home-made grandma therapies and recipe unless told otherwise.

Medical science has changed drastically throughout these years, and treating menopause is not something unknown or undiscovered.

There are2 treatments that a woman can go through to treat menopause that are HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy).

To get a wider perspective on which is the best treatment for you, give your medical and health history, it is best to consult your doctor before deciding on your own.

In this world of technology it is obviously very handy to find anything online including medical stuff but why to play with something you have no knowledge about but rather let the experts handle it.

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